DEMOs - All purchase comes with 6months support.*

MinorSchool Pro - Profit sharing (Commission based) Learning Management System

You can allow Mentors to create their contents and charge them a percentage of the content price. The payment will be split between you and the mentor using PayPal's adaptive payment in real time. The system also have PayUMenoy integrated for Indian customers.

Business Diary - Advanced Business Management

This application do a lot. A complete package for your business that will help you to create FLOWCHARTS and GRAPHS, manage your leads, inventories, events, accounts, deals and invoices.

MinorSchool LMS - Complete Learning Management System

MinorSchool LMS is a complete e-learning management system. You can create courses and start selling the courses online with a nicely design front end and full featured dashboard, PayPal API is integrated.

Do Chart - Flowchart and infographics builder

You can create 7 different types of infographics and several types of flowchart diagrams. The application is very easy to use and manage.

Basic Inventory - Stock Management and Invoicing

Basic Inventory – A simple warehouse and inventory management application. Nicely designed and secure code.

Full Stock - Warehouse Management

Full Stock is an warehouse management application. If you have to manage multiple inventories and warehouses then this application will help you to make your job easy.

Minor School MCQ - Online Exam System

This is an online base MCQ exam system. This application can be use for class test exam, online interviews and survey system. You can charge for the exam by PayPal.

First Lead - Contacts and Lead Management

First Lead Contacts and Lead Management system will help you to manage all your leads, events and deals in a centralised system. A with a nicely design UI and full featured dashboard

Smart Invoice

Smart solution for invoicing. Smart Invoice will let you generate PDF invoices and send it directly to your client as HTML email body and attached as PDF. Multiple invoice theme included.

50 cent - Accounting

50 cent is a very basic accounting application. You can manage your bank accounts and expenses using the application.